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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 4, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman we're going to get you ready for the weekend with some great videos "right this minute." stressing out after getting wedged in. >> stuck, like, right here, like, around his chest. >> see his buddies rush to save him before the rising water kills him. >> oh. >> get a rope around him, pull it up. a woman gets a little help trying to reel in -- >> a ginormous blue fin tuna. >> why she sees sushi on the high seas.
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it's a crazy costume road rally, all you got to do is buy a beater car -- >> drive it to vegas, sell it, take the money, put it down on one single bet. >> now, meet one team determined to gamble and win. >> all on red, we bet it on red on roulette. and a model's hoofing it in heels. >> she's on stilts basically. >> what happens when the rubber meets the runway. >> oh, no. oh, no! there's a cave in england known as lost john's cave. now, you can only imagine how it got that name. probably sometime there was a guy named john who didn't make it out of the cave. who was caving on this particular day with his butzdyes almost got lost himself. this an area of lost john's cave. here's where he's trying to go. >> he's trying to purposely go in there? >> there's already a guy in his team who went that way. wait a sec, keep watching.
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it's filling up with water. that's not good. it begins to fill up. >> stop. >> so he's sort of, like, the plug in the bathtub. >> it looks like water does run through here and you can see the erosion and how smooth the walls are, now that he's stuck he's causing it to fill up. >> [ bleep ] get out. >> when the camera switches angles he's stuck, like, right here, okay? around his chest. so his choices are up or down. >> ah! >> you can hear him starting to freak out and in the youtube description he said he was panicking. there's his buddy a few feet away, he could almost reach out and touch him. >> after being stuck like this i want to go through the wide open field as fast as possible. >> there's the light the exit. get out. >> here's what they end up doing. listen. >> get up. >> there's no way out. look how tight this whole thing is. >> [ bleep ]. >> he's really freaking out here, you know, he's screaming.
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you can see he's stressed out. the water coming right in his face. >> i think it doesn't appear like there's any way for him to fit through there. >> look at the water level, right? almost up to his chin. >> don't worry. >> two people in the group behind him are able to pull him back through the way he came. okay, so basically now he's flushed down the toilet. >> oh. >> here he goes. >> okay? >> you can see he gets himself unstuck. back through. but here's the thing, they had to go three hours out of their way to get out of this cave. there are so many other fun pastimes and hobbies. >> oh. >> that is hell! >> he was toast. >> right. >> that was a smart move having him go second. >> because he had help in front or behind. >> either way he could get unstuck. >> that is truly the stuff of nightmares. >> stuck! two men stop for very bad behavior caught on video.
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the first guy is wanted from a fight at this pub. you see this man right here? that's who greater manchester police are looking for in the uk. what you don't see on this video is a fight that man was involved in. they say he was pinned against the wall. a 33-year-old man a peacemaker tried to stop the fight. later on watch what that man who was pinned against the wall does. he's talking to a man in the tan jacket who tried to be the peacemaker. coldcocks him. knocks him in the jaw. police say he broke the man's jaw. >> so many us of say so many times why doesn't somebody jump in and stop it from happening. and that's why. >> it was unprovoked. elsewhere in uk they are looking for another bad guy caught on video. this guy will really make you mad. notice he walks into this barber shop. he sits down and waiting for an appointment but what he's actually doing is casing the place. behind him what you don't see on the video charity boxes, they're raising money for a mountain
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rescue team and for a children's air ambulance charity. the guy figures out here these things are chained down and he gets up and leaves but he doesn't give up. they think he comes back with either pliers or wire cutters. sits in that same chair. picks up the paper. then it looks like he's starting to take a phone call. meanwhile gary the owner he's still cutting the guy's hair, that's where they think he's either using the pliers or the wire cutters and then you see something go inside his coat. the owner of this barber shop released this video after he was hit a third time. >> this guy's the lowest of the low. coming in to steal from charity boxes. >> really how much money's in there, right? people put their spare couple bucks in there. >> so now they're looking for this guy. hopefully somebody will recognize that stupid noggin of his and turn him in. the catch of a lifetime in the waters off new zealand. it's going to blow your mind as much as it blew the mind of the woman that caught this big fish.
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these guys are reeling in a ginormous blue fin tuna. >> whoa. >> are they going to need a bigger boat? >> it looks like they're going to need a bigger boat. this woman an experienced angler donna pasco spent four hours battling in the water to reel this thing in. >> pull, pull, pull! >> just to show you how difficult it was to bring this tuna on the boat, look at this guy in the blue shirt he actually lays down and uses his own neck and shoulder to push. this tuna is apparently the biggest caught by a woman recreationally out fishing. it weighs 906 pounds roughly. >> actually, that's amazing that it only took her four hours. >> how did the line not break, like, what kind of fishing line are you using to reel something that big? >> is it like a chain, a anchor chai >> a bitmore. m
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>> holly molly, it's bigger than that backdoor. >> it is. and actually in that moment you hear a snap and that's because its fin broke and they were finally able to get it completely on the boat. >> you can never go fishing again because you're never going to catch anything better than this. it's your last day fishing. >> it's a big sucker. some very intense moments at a structure fire in china. firefighters responding to the scene have already rescued 15 people, 5 are still trapped inside this building and here you see them bringing a child out of that building. that small childress cued safely, but there are still people inside. here's an even smaller child. 18 months old and you can see in that image the firefighter had taken off his own mask and placed it over the face of the child to help protect it while they brought it outside. and now this woman comes out. she turns back to the firefighters and gestures.
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there's two more people inside. firefighters continue their rescue efforts. go back inside and come out with an adult woman and this man here. also rescued. because of the strong efforts of these firefighters. let's head on over to detroit where a very popular flower shop is on fire. you can see the smoke pouring out of the front of the building. crews attempted to attack the fire by going inside and attempting an interior attack but they were having water pressure problems and bad fire hydrant and high winds hampered their efforts. >> too hard, pulling them out. >> they had to pull all the firefighters out and continue to fight this fire defensively from the outside. apparently an energy worker had gone inside the flower shop to investigate a possible illegal electrical hookup. while he was there the electrical box exploded. that's what caused this fire. thankfully that employee was wearing his goggles and safety gear, was not seriously injured.
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he got out okay but the flower shop suffered some severe damage. panic as a kayaker gets fiercely washed down a river. >> you're about to watch one epic rescue. >> see who jumps in to make a daring save. and a day in the life of a gentle giant. >> this looks like one of those little birds that hitches a ride on the elevator. >> ride along to see what they're up to later. ununwrwrapap y youour r pa. soft, sweet coconut covered in rich, creamy chocolate. alalmomondnd j joyoy a and. ununwrwrapap p pararada. newwith two unique ingredients. to mix in however
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scott gilbert is in the water and out of his kayak and you're about to watch one epic rescue. this is in vermont near bristol. and he is just above toaster falls, that's a 15-foot drop. the largest drop in this river. but watch as these people try to rescue him. first you see his kayak coming down the river. he's not in it. >> that's a bad sign. >> that's a scary sight. >> watch who is coming in to rescue him. here's scott and the kayak, he's holding on to it. but watch his rescuer. >> i got you. i got you. >> whoa! >> nice grab. >> jumped right in there. >> he did jump right in there. >> wow, that was perfectly timed. >> yeah. >> he could not have done that any better. >> they say this is an advanced rescue technique that you want to do this as a last resort to jump into the rapids to get somebody. but the guy that does it is, like, a boss. he made it look easy, jumps in there, boom, and dragged him to
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side to help get scott out of the water. >> it looked like they got his boat. >> no, they didn't get his boat. they grabbed scott before his boat went over the edge they say. after they dragged scott out of the water the kayak went over the edge and exploded. >> what? >> yeah, that's what they said. at the end of the video you could see the tether that they used and how, do you know what, people who know what they do make it look so easy. but this isn't something you try probably every day. >> whoo! guys, i wanted to show you this video because i don't think you understand as men that high fashion for women can be high risk. in this case i think the risk is the shoes. >> yeah. >> this is at a runway show in amsterdam. and this poor model i'm so sad for her. she's on stilts basically. >> i feelike the dudesor perfor. >> straight out of gene simmons closet. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> oh. >> well, she almost saved it. >> she almost did, but oh. then she's down on her poor little knees, then she gets up
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and has to continue walking down the runway but watch she never really gains her balance again. >> ah. i can guarantee whatever you guys are doing this weekend is not nearly as fun as this. guys, remember the movie "cannonball run"? >> yeah. >> that type of event still exists and it's called the fool's roll. it's a timed event from austin, texas, to vegas. 1,300 miles. the rules? you have to buy a car for $2,000 or less. dress in a cop suit. drive that car to vegas. sell that car. take that money. put it down on one single bet. roulette, craps, blackjack, or war. you can win or you could lose. all this has to be done in costume. >> okay. technically you're just a winner participating in this thing? >> yeah. absolutely this is also benefiting a charity. it looks like a ton of fun. the event just started. teams are on the road as we speak. and joining us from the road
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"right this minute" is the griswold team. >> whoo! >> you got annette and rene snyder and brian golly and heather st. peter, they are playing the role of the griswolds. guys, this sounds like so much fun. tell us where you are and what's happened so far. >> we are just getting out of albuquerque, new mexico. we left austin, texas, earlier this morning and basically just been on the road all day. >> what happens to the person who gets to vegas first? >> it's a clock in, clock out time of deal. >> what are you driving right now? do you have the station wagon like the griswolds? >> we have a 1978 dodge diplomat station wagon. >> nice. >> tell us about this charity. it must be something important for you to drive this old car in modern times. >> we raised money for dallas children hospital in austin. >> what will you do when you get to vegas when you sell the car? >> all on red in roulette.
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>> how many hours have you been behind the wheel and are you speeding? >> i've been told that whatever the speedometer says i'm going ten miles less. if that's true, i'm going ten miles under the speed limit, but if it's not i'm speeding. you can go to ebay and up the ante, the 1978 dodge diplomat on ebay. it's probably the only one. >> anybody can epter this rally, you don't have to be anybody special. look them up. is this the new circus? >> check out what this troupe can do. >> holy crud. >> see it next on "right this minute." and still to come two guys head up in a plane but only one stays in. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, there he goes. >> see the crazy stunt that will throw you for a loop. plus, british foodies try out some american snacks. >> snacks like the slim jim. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> but see what happens when the
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americans get a taste of their own medicine. >> this isn't bad. >> spotted dick. >> i've had that.
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seselslsunun b bluluee scscalalp itch. a pair of guys at the top of their game got together to create something completely new and unique and extreme called sly diving. spectacular stunt in the skies near the border of spain and france near the pyrenees mountains. the stunt was such a big deal they actually put together a trailer promoting this event which just took place which is why we're seeing this video now. here you see guy west gate piloting this beautiful glider and in the back you have andres vasco mossco. he's a very well known skydiver. it gets towed up into the air and once it gets to altitude, andres getting excited,
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thumbsup, peace signsn the air, hart wide open. the sly glider goes upside down, the sign that says please fasten your seat belt they decided to turn it off because once the glider turns back around, you get the thumbs up from guy westgate. >> oh, my god. >> there he goes. >> that looks exactly like what you don't want to have happen. >> this looks like most people's nightmare, you know, you're going to fall out of the plane. this guy's doing it for fun. >> isn't that spectacular? guy westgate is an eight-time national glider champ, he knows what he's doing. andres vasquez mossco another expert at what he does, together they pulled off this pretty incredibly stunt all captured on go pro cameras on multiple different angles. >> what if you were watching this and you didn't know what was happening and you were watching the glider sail up there and you just saw somebody fall out of the thing? in different parts of the
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world people eat different kind of snacks, right? leave it up to our friends at buzzfeed to make a fascinating video out of people tasting other people's snacks. in this first video british people taste american snacks. like slim jim. >> all the meat pushed together in something. >> i think he's right. >> the super, uber sour candies. >> a challenge. >> that's really quite awesome. >> i think somebody sprayed my mouth. >> sprayed your mouth. >> also the very popular twinkie. >> oh, man. that's so good. >> they're too healthy. >> they, then, sent their popular british snacks to the american buzzfeed office. snacks like jelly babies. >> this literally looks nothing like a baby. >> wow. >> these are so good. >> they look like sour patch kids. >> it didn't sound like they were sour. >> the next one i like the name
9:23 am
of it a joba cake a chocolate orange gooey cookie maybe. >> marshmallowy. >> and they thought chocolate and cookies needed to taste more like oranges. >> a nice combo. >> spotted dick. >> i've had that. >> you had that? >> yeah, when i was in england, my friends gave it to me. >> this dick isn't bad. >> tastes like banana breads with raisins. >> it's microwavable in case you need it in a hurry. >> the official candy of george michael. >> pretty good. >> i think we kind of wish they were tasting them along with them. >> what you are saying is you just want some spotted dick. people on safari see something unexpected. >> a cheetah on a car. >> the brave way they take a
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ingredients for life. ♪ apparently this is how this
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guy deals with a snow day. these guys decided even though on this day they couldn't go kayaking, they could take their kayaks on the snow and go down what they are calling a class five drop. >> dude, you okay? >> oh, and it's all snow. >> how do you have any control, though? they've got the paddle but, like, they're able to go around the curves? >> well, no, it looks like maybe he is using the paddle to slow himself down and quasi-guide himself. but look at what happens right about here when he gets to the bottom. he pretty much bites it. >> yeah. >> looks like a great way to brain a tree. didn't make it very far. >> no. but it was fun. >> come close. went straight. >> dude, are you all right? super dog fly iing sail. ♪
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when two digital gypsies go on a safari, they're going to catch something interesting like this, a cheetah on a car. >> just perched right there on top. k americans who are livg overseas but they happen to be in kenya for a safari and this caught this little character on top of the car. and what's interesting is what happens after they spot it. >> oh, boy. >> that's something you don't see every day, it looks like he's sitting on the dude's head. >> we heard from kerry who said it can be incredibly dangerous for people in safari videos to do that or even show cheetahs parts of their body, because they say when that happens they become prey. and the safari guys say don't do it. this is in nairobi. what do you do when you have a bunch of go pros and elephants? you put them together.
9:28 am
this is called i-elephant and they want you to experience what it's like to be an elephant. >> what it's like to be a mouse in an elephant's world. this looks like one of those little birds that hitches a ride on the elephant. >> right. they got some really cool images of these elephants but this one i really like right here, where you see the elephant taking leaves out of the tree. simply eating. look at the ears simply amazing what they have. they hope that when people watch this they'll be able to be more sensitive to elephants and discourage the ivory trade and donate more time and money to help conservation efforts for them. >> smart. that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's time for the best videos from the web and the stories behind them "right this minute." a dude on a zip line -- >> kind of turns it around backwards. >> the freak accident that has spectators freaked out. [ bleep ]. hard to believe that stuck in that tight space is -- >> a bull. >> what? >> a bull. that weighs 330 pounds. >> see the rescue that will have you saying, no way. a customer decides to browse a little longer. >> and that probably saved her life. >> how an accident almo


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